The U.S. National Academy of Science determined this week that a small handful of words still in relatively contemporary use – including “bark,” “spit,” “mother,” “fire,” “man,” “ye,” and “worm” – may be up to 15,000 years old, which would mean they were invented and spoken by cavemen. How does that make you feel?


“I think you mean cave-“people,” or at the very least, cave-“ye.”   Sandra Vilroy, Asbestos Installer


As an amateur rapper, I’m glad they paved the way for me to “spit” that “fire,” “mother” fucker.      Larry Penskovich, Unemployed


“Those are the only words they had that have survived? LOL! WTF?! 4real? Stupid Cavemen.”   Moonbeam VanGrudle, Freelance Pelican-sitter

One thought on “Word on the Streets: Some Words May Be 15,000 Years Old

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