MELBOURNE — Following Australian billionaire Clive Palmer’s announcement that he plans to build a replica Titanic, fellow Aussie billionaire and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch announced at a press conference yesterday that he has his own plans to build a replica Hindenburg.

Murdoch, whose American subsidiaries include FOX News Corp, denies allegations of any rivalry with Palmer, saying, “The fact is, I’m just a really big fan of everything the Germans were doing in the late 1930’s.”

Adds Murdoch, “People are really inspired by my quest to rebuild this famous historical vessel. I receive Emails every day from people all over the world encouraging me, saying things like ‘German design will rise again!’ They’re very excited to see this German-made airship rise up into the sky.”

The maiden voyage of Murdoch’s Hindenburg II is expected to depart from Berlin and arrive in one of several “quaint” towns in Poland. While speculation suggests Auschwitz as the most likely endpoint, the exact destination is yet to be confirmed.

At press time, Murdoch was unsure of the expected completion date for the project, but assured his fans that when the time is right, an announcement would be broadcast via Fox News.

One thought on “Not to be Outdone by Replica Titanic, Rupert Murdoch to Build Replica Hindenburg

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