MOORE, OKLA — According to local sources in Moore, Oklahoma – the site of a recent, devastating tornado that killed dozens of people and decimated or damaged over 13,000 homes – President Obama was spotted walking amidst the wreckage not long after the disaster struck, arousing suspicion among critics as to his involvement in the destruction.

TV Variety Show Host Glenn Beck, for example, told viewers, “I’m not saying [Obama] is necessarily responsible, just that he appears to be involved. I mean, look at the facts. He arrived in town astonishingly soon after the tornado had left. Conveniently, they weren’t in the same place at the same time, and yet once the dust settled, Obama was seen carefully walking through the neighborhood, surveying the damage.”

Added Beck, “Again, I’m not saying anything here. I’m just letting you form your own opinion about the president’s involvement.”

“And Consider this,” Beck concluded, “George W. Bush wasn’t seen anywhere near the Katrina site for a very long time after the storm had passed. Plus, even when he did show up, he didn’t seem anywhere near as concerned by the carnage as Obama did in Oklahoma. So, what gives, Mr. President? Is your own guilt for commissioning that tornado to attack a wholesome, American town the reason you appear to care so much? Why are you so ‘involved’?”

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