Above: Young Brandon Delcroe reportedly had a “super-fun day” at the workplace of his father, Ulysses.

PEORIA, IL. — Unemployed 30-year-old Brandon Delcroe excitedly called ‘shotgun’ as he hopped into the passenger seat of his disappointed father’s S.U.V. before heading off to the elder Delcroe’s workplace earlier this morning as part of National ‘Take Your Kid to Work’ Day, sources report.

“Soooo cool!” the younger Delcroe declared upon entering his father’s office and imagining what it must be like to be gainfully enough employed to own a home, raise a family and pay his own cell-phone bill.

“I want to work here with you someday, dad, ” Delcroe told his father, adorably believing not only that his utter lack of experience wouldn’t cripple his chances of being hired, even for an unpaid intern position, but also that the company would expend the financial resources necessary to employ both Delcroe men at the same time.

At press time, it was reported that Brandon was looking forward to visiting his dad’s office again next year since he himself will likely still not have a job at that point while his father – like the rest of the baby boom generation – has no plans of retiring any time soon.

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