Above: A rare photo of Tom Cruise not flying a helicopter through a tunnel.

HOLLYWOOD — Universal Studios announced yesterday that they are finally going to release the two-hour, six-minute Tom Cruise documentary under the title “Oblivion.”

The non-fiction film, which follows Cruise around on what sources close to the actor describe as “a pretty average day for Tom,” and which was originally titled “Tuesday Afternoon,” is due out in theaters tomorrow.

According to the film’s Director Joseph Kosinski, “One day, we just decided to turn on the camera and follow Tom around for a few hours. We got some pretty solid footage of him flying a spaceship, foiling a subversive, intergalactic plot to destroy Earth, and hanging out with Morgan Freeman – all in all a pretty standard two hours for Tom.”

Added Kosinski, “Originally, ‘Oblivion’ was supposed to be about a guy who gets upside down in his mortgage, but after capturing Tom being Tom on his day off, we decided to go with that instead.”

At press time, movie critics were hailing the film as “gripping” and “graphically true to [Tom Cruise’s] life.”

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