NASHVILLE, TENN — Critics are reportedly outraged over Brad Paisley and L.L. Cool J’s country/rap crossover, “Accidental Racist,” claiming that the song is a terrible blemish on the two genres which otherwise have done so much to further the nation’s civil rights efforts with their politically correct songs.

According to Rap Music Critic Reginald Noble, “This song is a terrible blow to America’s struggle for racial equality. I’ve never before heard such an utterly callous use of racially-charged words and phrases that work to undermine our country’s perception of black people, and certainly never from the mouth of a rapper.”

Agreeing with Noble, Country Music Critic Warren Cossell says, “I can’t believe the country music industry would produce a song that so drastically misses the mark when it comes to race-relations. Honestly, I expected better from the musical category that brought us David Allen Coe.

At press time, it was reported that Award-winning Country Musician Darius Rucker – one of the few African-american artists in the genre – was so deeply offended by “Accidental Racist” that immediately after listening to it, he vomited into his own hat, though Rucker points out that he was listening to the instrumental version of the song.

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