NP-40 DRIFTING ICE STATION, NORTH POLE — Travel-discount website Kayak.com recently launched a new promotional package featuring an all-inclusive, tropical vacation to the North Pole, sources report.

According to the website’s homepage, the promotional package offers a six day, five night stay in “the world’s newest tropical paradise.”

Says the site:

“Enjoy a week of fun and sun at this tropical destination that the whole family will love!

Shortly after landing on this floating mass of rapidly melting sea ice, you’ll find the accommodations breathtaking as you unpack your luggage inside the hollowed-out remains of a Beluga whale carcass!

Don’t get too comfy, though, because you’ve got tons to explore! Day two begins with an excursion out onto the arctic beach for some leisurely tanning in the ever-warming polar sunshine!

[WARNING: Kayak.com insists that travelers to this region do not set up their beach chairs too close to the water’s edge, as the shore tends to recede significantly — and permanently — each day.]

So hurry up and book your tropical adventure while ozone lasts!”

At press time, reports indicate that Kayak.com is preemptively working to put together an adventure cruise featuring a deep-sea snorkeling excursion to explore the mysterious, underwater city of Miami.

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