There were a lot of things Reidicule News considered doing to celebrate this 100th article. Among them, ideas such as writing a “Top 100 Articles From the First 100 Articles” post, sending each Reider a salami and cheese sandwich in an envelope by regular USPS mail, and committing a string of arsons in the Greater Billings, Mont., Area were all on the table.

Ultimately, though, I decided to keep it simple.

Below is a list of people who I don’t hate, strictly ordered according to the following equation:

Height In Peanut Butter M&M’s (x) Alphanumerical Value of Your Middle Name (÷) 14.

If you decide to fact-check this and find any discrepancies, please let me know so that I can remove you from the list of people I don’t hate…

Brian and everyone at Glossy News for supporting/ helping/ guiding/ advising/ encouraging/ teaching me, Karissa for being a true satire fan and one of my first Reiders, Joyce for the constant encouragement, Warren for his enthusiasm toward my work, Chris J. who helped me realize in the first place that I needed to find what I actually love to do and start doing it (hence this website exists), Fry and John and Kristy for being a trio of perpetually supportive dope-ness, Ted and Steven, The Artist Formerly Known as Jim (J.W.), Fiore and Wally (obviously), Josh (Reow), Kyle, Caitlin, Matt (Chew) for being an awesome WOTS Wednesday character, Liz, Kyra, Charles and “The Delegation” for pre-screening select articles, Roxy, Mal Pal, Kelly for the retweets, Felg, Beter for agreeing to get reidiculed, Pumpkin, Ells, Crystal, Candice for the mass shares, Melissa D., Shannon, Jill, No H, Brad – [GASP] Listing people individually seemed like a much better idea a minute ago [INHALE] – Straub, Doug, Ignacio, Lindsey D., Josh L., Nathan L., World War Zishan and Aisha, Carnival Steve and Jen, Jamie, April from the comedy club for being one of the few who appreciate satire in the standup format, all the awesome friends I made in my very brief stint/learning experience at The Improv, to whom I never said goodbye and who probably aren’t reading this right now because I don’t think I ever gave any of you the web address (I might come back at some point, but for now my focus is right here), all the Facebook, Twitter and blog followers, Parody ReportIsis Magazine, The New Wookiee Workshop and the few other sites/publications who’ve shared my articles, Antwondong, Troy at Buzzard’s Wake and all the other writers and bloggers who check out my site on the reg. (there were one or two others I meant to mention specifically but I’m drawing a blank here), all of the spam bots that follow Reidicule and have some pretty exciting ideas about how I can get more followers for my site while simultaneously increasing the size of my penis, and, of course, Tito.

I know I missed some of you, and for that I’m sincerely sorry. Feel free to let me know and I’ll add you to this list. I won’t make it weird, either. I really do think each of you deserves an individual thank-you. Without you, I wouldn’t have sustained this site for this long. Your reading fuels my passion to write.

So, thanks to all of you who have read, liked and/or shared (I especially appreciate the sharers, as that’s Reidicule’s only means of advertising and growth) my work over the past 100 articles. You’re each an integral part of this site, and with your help, I’ll continue learning and developing as a writer/satirist in pursuit of this dream.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the next 100.

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